Zuron’s Customer Relationship Management

With the help of a Customer Relationship Management System, the sales team can achieve much higher sales targets than the usual process.

CRM is an essential system in the current digital market as it generates excellent returns on investment with ease of process and documentation. This single platform offers great efficiency in managing collation, communication, and reporting for the sales and marketing team.

However, the prime challenge of getting the maximum benefits of the CRM platform is the lack of adoption by the respective departments. The sales team considers this system as a data entry platform which increases their efforts without generating significant yield. And therefore, in most cases, the data available through CRM is limited and incomplete, which further restricts the generation of thoughtful, analytical results.

Zuron’s CRM system has been developed to address the problem of adoption by the departments and encourage all stakeholders to adopt CRM in their daily routines. Powered by the latest technologies, our CRM module offers immense ease of use to the users and reap the benefits. Easy tracking of orders, communication with customers, the quick fetch of data and information, comprehensive customized dashboard are some of the key attributes of Zuron’s CRM, which is well accepted by sales people across all industries.

Zuron’s mobile-friendly CRM system automates all the sales and marketing processes, from lead generation to conversion and onboarding, simple steps that motivate the organization to utilize their resources strategically and reduce their repetitive administrative work.


Sales Module:

  1. 1A single platform where lead data can be captured from multiple resources and managed efficiently
  2. 2360- degree view of contracts and communication history
  3. 3Unified and standard calendar for all the teams
  4. 4Customized dashboard with real-time data related to Lead Pipeline, Conversion Rates, and Target Achievement
  5. 5Accurate analysis of historical trends and forecast data to provide decisive outputs

Marketing Module:

  1. 1Standard in-built creative templates for dashboards with multi-device compatibility to improve engagement with clients and prospects
  2. 2Accurate evaluation of campaign ROI to assess the performance of the marketing team
  3. 3AI-powered analysis to provide opportunities cross-sell opportunities.
  4. 4Customization at all levels to provide quick and precise reports to boost Marketing ROI

Customer Support module:

  1. 1Easily accessible single repository of documents, tutorials, reports, and products
  2. 2User-friendly and automated flow of complaints to the right authorities as per the defined escalation matrix
  3. 3Real-time status and visibility of query status

Industry Application


  1. 1Structured lead management process to provide visibility of the entire process from lead generation to conversion till disbursement.
  2. 2Quick accelerators of contextual gamification feature
  3. 3Seamless and quick API integration with other banking platforms
  4. 4Highly secured customer data with high encryption standards

Real Estate:

  1. 1Real-time update on uploading, allocation, and booking of inventory
  2. 2Easy and smooth management of leads and payouts from multiple channel partners
  3. 3High-tech Document Management Systems for transparent document processing like contracts, completion certificates, BU, and more
  4. 4Quick integration with other existing systems to avoid downtime


  1. 1Customized process design to capture unique process from capturing lead to conversion
  2. 2Multi-channel lead management with prioritizing feature
  3. 3Use Pre-defined standard templates to communicate with customers quickly or use the flexibility to create your unique template.


  1. 1Easy Adoption: Easy to adopt for sales team with AI-powered advanced system
  2. 2Speedy implementation: Accelerated implementation and go live with pre-defined industry-specific platforms
  3. 3Seamless integration: Hassle-free integration with other lead-generation channels
  4. 4High engagement: Boost customer integration through AI-powered prompt
  5. 5Improved productivity: AI-powered technology automates repetitive work and boost the productivity of the team
  6. 6Measure: Observe and measure ROI on a real-time basis and improve the hit rate