Dynamic Discounting

Through Dynamic Discounting, large size enterprises facilitate on-demand working capital to their suppliers. In exchange of early payments, supplier offer discounts to their customers.

Process Flow:

  1. 1The customized platform of Zuron is integrated with the client ERP system.
  2. 2The seller uploads all the invoice in the system and requests an early payment for their invoices.
  3. 3The invoice gets approved as per the pre-defined terms, and the system triggers an auto-intimation to the related parties.
  4. 4As per the sanctioned terms and conditions, payment gets released to the vendor’s account.
  5. 5On the payment due date for the invoice, payment is released by the anchor enterprise, which gets credited to the capital provider.
  6. 6For late payment or partial payment, Zuron’s intelligent system automatically triggers a notification to the seller, as per the penal clause with the financial institution.

Distinctive Features


Huge flexibility to manage the payable outstanding by extending days while vendor payments are already made.

Digital user experience

Paperless automated exceptional experience regarding documentation, vendor onboarding, and reconciliation.

Best Rate Algorithm

Strong business dynamics to avail “best rate” on offered discounts by vendors.