Loan Management System

Through Loan Management System (LMS) module, NBFCs/Banks/Financial Institutions can manage the post-loan sanctioning process digitally.

Zuron’s advanced LMS can be easily integrated with the core banking system, which offers immense ease for loan servicing to customers and optimizes the process to make it speed-to-market, accurate and transparent.

Distinctive features:

Extensive Solution

End-to-end solution for all loan options and product mixes offered.

Tailored workflow

Fully tailored LMS to cater to any fulfillment conditions and disbursement criterion at customer-specific and product-specific levels.

360-degree view

Access to a single holistic view of all transactions, history, current outstanding, overdue obligations, and repayment trends for any customer.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

Customized and role-specific dashboards for real-time tracking, easy monitoring and control of credit underwriting, disbursement lead-times, loan outstanding, repayment, and any financial parameter.

Efficient risk management

Automated system to identify and alert potential collection challenges with a built-in escalation matrix to minimize risks.

Automated Settlements

Fully automated system to manage repayments and settlements on a real-time basis with flexibility to perform partial settlements or foreclosure.