Payable Finance

Payable Finance is a buyer-led supply chain finance mechanism where the suppliers of that buyer get an access to early funds.

In this financial mechanism, the financial institutions provide credits to the suppliers on the credibility and creditworthiness of the buyer.

Process Flow:

  1. 1Zuron’s Supply Chain Finance system allows the buyers to upload the approved invoices of seller in the system.
  2. 2With the pre-verified details of the seller and buyer available on the system, the financial institution quickly releases funds to the seller.
  3. 3According to the pre-agreed terms, the seller receives the payment of the Invoice.
  4. 4The buyer then releases the payment within the due date.
  5. 5In case of payment delay, penal interest charges are levied on the buyer or seller according to the terms and conditions of the financial institution.

Distinctive Features

Auto-financing flexibility

On the seller’s confirmation, the approved invoices are uploaded to the buyer’s ERP system, and intimate payment requests automatically.

Flexible Due Date

For credit period extension by the buyer, they can avail of the facility through Zuron’s payable finance feature.

Customized reporting system

Enjoy the flexibility to customize the reports and dashboards according to your need on overdue invoices, Interest accrual, utilization of limits, and more.