Receivable Finance

Sellers can nullify their receivables by accumulating them and performing Real value subdivided sales of receivables to financial institutions. Here the financial institution is the authority to collect payments from the buyer on the payment due date.

Process Flow:

  1. 1Zuron’s Supply Chain Finance system allows the sellers to upload the approved invoices of debtors in the system.
  2. 2According to the pre-agreed terms, a certain percentage of the total receivables is advanced by the financier.
  3. 3On the payment due date, the financial institution receives the due payment directly from the buyer.
  4. 4While paying in full, after deducting the factoring charges for the duration, the remaining percentage of the invoice payment is remitted to the seller.
  5. 5For late payment or partial payment, Zuron’s intelligent system automatically triggers a notification to the seller, as per the penal clause with the financial institution.

Distinctive Features

Automate your way

Enjoy the flexibility of automating debtors approval, setting limits at buyer-seller combination or individual buyer or seller level.

Intuitive User interfaces

Simple and user-friendly interface backed by a logical process flow makes it easy to enter and execute transactions.

Easy settlements

Easily configurable workflows in all financial aspects like advance Percentage at buyer-seller level, Factoring Charges, Penal Charges, and settlement.